“Training Makes the Difference” for Summer Camp Staff


We provide the required certifications for NYS/NYC mandatory compliance with Subpart 7-2 of New York State Department of Health Sanitary Code safety training requirements for summer camps.


First Aid

First Aid for the Camp Medical/Health Director, Trip Leaders and other specialty staff.


Professional Level CPR

Professional Level CPR for the Camp Medical/Health Director, Trip Leaders and other specialty staff.


Epi-Auto Injector Training

Epi-Auto Injector training for camp counselors, or acting camp health officer, includes all required Department of EMS required knowledge regarding use and reporting procedures – available as a stand-alone certification course. Please call for group pricing, or send your acting health director to join one of our courses. 


Camp Aquatic Director Training – Lifeguard Supervision & Management

Running camp aquatic staff trainings. We begin with individuals, and we leave the camp with a trained team, this is essential in the camp culture.


Pool and Waterfront Lifeguard Certifications


Progressive Swimming Instructor


In-Service Aquatic Training

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This pre-camp in-service training includes an initial review of your currently certified lifeguard’s skills and abilities - in and out of the water pool and/or lakefront. We will run rescue drills to observe reactions of each individual lifeguard as well as the lifeguard team response. After the lifeguard’s review we focus on the skills that require modification. Skill sets include: land and water rescue skills, CPR/AED, constant visual surveillance, performing effective Buddy Check Systems, Lost Swimmer Plan, understanding the camp’s written safety plan, and fostering a functioning safety team.

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Part 1 - While your camp is in session assessment of your aquatic staff, and aquatic environments includes: Observing campers, lifeguards, area procedures including buddy checks, counselors and their routines in and around the water, safety precautions for the lake, pool, water park, and safety equipment usage. Part 2 - Meet with camp director and aquatic director to report and discuss findings Part 3 - Train lifeguard staff to implement agreed upon changes to streamline your camp’s aquatic operations.

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Includes a visit to your camp while it is in full operation to observe waterfront activities, lifeguards, swim instructors, boating and water park areas.  We will make recommendations for improvement of lifeguard staffing/effectiveness, safety checks for potential hazards, and running an effective learn to swim program.

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This includes a review of the camps current Policy, Procedure and Emergency Action Plan (EAP) handbook followed by an assessment of aquatic areas while camp is in session. We will make recommendations and revisions to current EAP for your camp that meets, or exceeds Department of Health (DOH) and American Camping Association (ACA) standards. and prepare a revised Policy and Procedure Handbook.


Create your own program or join a group.