Program Director 


Andrea Arnold MS Ed

My safety training began as an adolescent, the first badges of achievement were for First Aid and Child Care with the Girl Guide organization in England. This was just the beginning of an armful of awards, all the way to a Queen's Guide award (AKA Eagle Scout equivalent)! Using my years of travel, rewarding experiences as a nanny, camp counselor, crafts director, lifeguard, waterfront director, personal trainer and as a school teacher, I am able to provide a well-rounded educational program.

My first USA summer sleep-away camp counselor experience began in the 1980’s in Upstate New York. Each annual migration to camp I added onto my repertoire: nanny, crafts counselor, drama counselor, water safety instructor, lifeguard and ultimately a lifeguard instructor and aquatic director for the camp of 400 campers and staff. I was hired by Lifesaving Enterprises as a safety instructor/aquatic specialist and later became the owner and program director in 2005.

From all of my summer camp experience, I was able to expand the business offerings to include all aspects of waterfront operations and emergency action preparedness in order to improve camp’s aquatic safety; boating, water-ski, inflatable play structures, and all swim areas (pool, rivers, and lakes). The company creates policy and procedure manuals that focus on efficient use of aquatic areas and emergency preparedness.

Main office – New York City 
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"I take extreme pride in owning this company, providing lifesaving training and continuing to expand the education that I can offer to my clients. Our goal in teaching is that prevention is key, but preparation for emergencies is vital. We are grateful every day that our clients have rarely had to use any of the skills for which they have been trained. Training makes the difference and we look forward to training with you.”


Michael Messenger

After finishing college, and gathering work experience in marketing, he co-founded Lifesaving Enterprises with his childhood camp friend Miles Gordon, and also joined Miles’ Take Me to the Water a NYC based learn to swim program as Aquatic Director. Michael began his swimming life in the ocean at Rockaway Beach, New York where he spent his summers since he was two years old. Michael’s love for the beach grew to working as a lifeguard to protect the swimmers at Rockaway Beach for ten summers. In 2005 Michael worked along with the new director Andrea Arnold as a business consultant while he was establishing his #1 King’s Bay Cafe in Tobago, West Indies which he opened in 1998. Now back home in NYC, Michael is the marketing director and training coordinator for Lifesaving Enterprises.


History and Founders

Lifesaving Enterprises, established in 1989, by Michael Messenger and Miles Gordon, to provide quality CPR, and First Aid, for professionals, businesses, hotels, summer camps, schools and for community organizations. Miles is a master of many educational pursuits and he is also closely involved with Penguin City Swim and Gordon Counseling Group.

It is thanks to Michael and Miles that their amazing inspiration at the start of this company that we have continued to grow with our clients. We are celebrating 30 years of business proving that “Training Makes a Difference.”